Good morning Family and friends of Faith Mountain.
As we walk through these unprecedented times,  I am so encouraged to see how not only the Body of Christ but all of our nation is coming together in unity to help fight this pandemic.
The Bible tells us in Romans 13:1-7 to submit to the authorities because God has placed those people in those positions for our protection. Also, our President has called on every American to come together and follow the guidelines that they have set forth to help stem the spread of this terrible disease. So the Elders and leadership of Faith Mountain feel that we have an obligation according  to God’s Word and responsibility to our nation to follow these guidelines.
So in response to this, we will be canceling all public assemblies  including our childrens’ and youth classes, Monday Morning Prayer Breakfast and any other scheduled activities or events. We will be having our Sunday Morning Service only on Facebook Live. If you have questions about how to access this, please call Tori at 575-754-6653 during our normal office hours. The office is closed on Friday and Saturday so if you have questions or need help please contact us before Thursday 3:00 afternoon. Tori will not be in the office next week but you can reach her on her cell if needed.I or someone else will be available during our office hours.
This is a great time for the Body to be part of the answer. One thing that we can do is challenge everyone you know to go through their contact list and offer to pray for those who may be struggling or afraid and agree together for God’s intervention  to stop this disease. I believe that God is using this to unite not only the Body but our nation.
Thank you Faith Mountain. We will be sending out more information and updates as we go forward.
We love you,
Pastor Ed and all the staff of Faith Mountain

Welcome to the Faith Mountain Fellowship Church.

Through the LEADERSHIP of the HOLY SPIRIT, we are committed to creating a KINGDOM REVIVAL CULTURE that will be passed on from generation to generation.

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  • Monday: 6:30am- Men’s Prayer Breakfast
  • Monday: Children classes 6pm
  • Wednesday: Youth 7pm
  • Sunday:10:30am Morning service
  • DTS information go to website  http://faithmountaindts.com

Charis Bible College Team in Honduras

Charis Bible Team

The Charis Bible College team is in Honduras this week. Please pray for Maureen West (on the back row) and the whole Charis team as they minister to Honduran orphans.


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